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Tour n1 of val di Chiana senese Chiusi

Tour n1 of val di Chiana senese


Track length: 119,0 km

Road bed type: Asfalto

Difficulty: Medio-alta


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This is a fairly long journey and everything along the paved road makes us admire a large part of the Val di Chiana. Starting from the A1 motorway at Chiusi-Chianciano go immediately to the left past the multiplex CLEV Village continue toward Chianciano. Once in Chianciano enter the roundabout, first exit and go to the country, continue Guido Baccelli Avenue to the intersection where you turn right into Via the spa and go through everything to Montepulciano Chianciano continue toward Montepulciano. Between Chianciano and Montepulciano are two villages, which are those Stabbiano and Sant'Albino, the cross and you have arrived in Montepulciano, the right fork you can go to visit the country instead of continuing on the path to the left continue to Pienza. Before arriving in Pienza there is an intersection where you turn left to San Quirico you after a few kilometers of road you can admire the beauty of the country, leaving from San Quirico to keep the main road following signs to Pienza, in the way you can enjoy wonderful Tuscan hills. Once in Pienza continue on the main road through the village with a long curve to the right, until you reach a fork where you should head right over to Trequanda, continue for a long road until the junction for Montisi Castelmunzio and continue through the junction continue for the next Sinalunga. Continuing on this road you will come to Trequanda where it crosses the country continuing to Sinalunga and found that at the first intersection, go left and then straight until you reach High Sinalunga, take the long way down there and looks at the roundabout turn right and continue to Torrita arrived and taken to Chianciano, to your right you will find the sports of Torrita Torrita exiting continue straight through and arrived at White Earth Gracciano Valiano turn left, cross Montepulciano Station and before arriving at a junction turn Valiano right and then right again at the next intersection, cross the village Sant'Adele continue to Chiusi and cross Montallese Tre Berte and keep heading towards the A1 and you'll find yourself at the Pine Oaks at the entrance to where you started.


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Tour n1 of val di Chiana senese

Questo un percorso abbastanza lungo e tutto su strada asfaltata, che ci fa ammirare una gran parte