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From Montepulciano to Monticchiello Montepulciano

From Montepulciano to Monticchiello


Track length: 32.3 km

Road bed type: Misto Asfalto/sterrato

Difficulty: Media


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You start taking away to our left Marino Hats successivamenteMassimiliano Massai - mountain bike trails Montepulciano - Monticchiello it passes over a bridge and you go right at the intersection for about thirty meters. Then again right in the reeds on which you follow until you come to the temple of San Biagio where you go to the right in the alley with cypresses that leads us to a crossroads. We take the national road to Pienza and follow it for about 100 meters then turn left on a road and down a lot s.bartolomeo pedal at the end of a steep descent becomes a dirt road and climbs up to a lookout point and then down and then back (with a final strappetto on asphalt with a slope of around 20%) Monticchiello. You can 'go to the right to visit the beautiful town but the route goes' downhill left, after passing a junction, go left on dirt road in the hill climb to fly decided we always follow the main dirt road and after a stretch slight slope begins to descend sharply in an open setting with breathtaking views over the Val d'Orcia and Monte Amiata. to a farm after leaving the main dirt road to get onto the grassy field in some places it becomes a fairly technical singletrack for the presence of stones covered with grass. Come to another farm is around the left to merge onto a dirt road more 'than a large following in the next fork until you get right after a nice up and down a paved right to follow. almost reached the foot of the slope that would bring us back to Monticchiello, turn left on dirt road is the field that after having forded the river Tresa takes us to a paved take right towards Pienza for about 1.5 km. at a crossroads, take a dirt road on right (signposted agr. Casalpiano) that we follow through. When they reached the farm we go to first left on a slight slope is not prohibitive then climb up in the vicinity 'of the farm continues until the house is at a crossroads where you turn right uphill. Continue past the farm property is up to the main road where you go right towards Montepulciano. A few km after the junction of asphalt, then rest for a winery and you go left on dirt road reported that after passing some farm brings us back (after a treacherous tear) in the reeds on the left and you should soon reach the point of departure.




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From Montepulciano to Monticchiello

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